What is this product?

The PremiumRetrofit MMI V5 is a multimedia module that is connected to the car’s factory infotainment system and can be used together with it. By long-pressing the MENU button, you can select which system you want to use, so you don’t lose any factory functions. Most people buy it because of the Carplay and Androidauto integration, but it also has other useful functions.

How do similar MMI modules differ?

All such modules are built on similar base and larger distribution companies can configure their products themselves. The difference between the modules is the type of the processor, the operating system running in the background, the quality of the case, the use of materials and design, the quality of the included cables, and one of the most important things is the firmware, the control software, which is different for each distributor.

What makes our product unique?

The PremiumRetrofit MMI V5 is the only module on the market that can be easily installed in all i3 models under the rear seat in a few minutes, regardless of year and display size. No other module on the market can do this. Our product contains an automotive-grade circuit, cooling, casing and cable harness. All modules are individually pre-configured to the car’s specifications in our own lab. This way, you don’t have to worry about the poor sound quality, there will be no phone echo, there will be no random freezes and other annoying things that significantly worsen the user experience. The installation is extremely simple, you don’t have to disassemble half the car, you only have to pop out the back seat. There are no long cables to the dashboard, no need to stretch the fragile sill and remove the display. The module fits comfortably under the seat together with any extra accessories that may be connected (e.g. TV stick). Support is extremely important for a product like this. We maintain a friendly relationship with customers throughout, help with installation and use. You can ask at any time via imessage or Viber, help is part of the service and we will help you and explain how the system works.

How does the system work?

The big advantage of this design is that the image you see on the car’s display is entirely produced by your phone. The MMI module is practically just an intermediary device between the car’s factory system and the phone. How the interface looks, how it works and what services are available depends entirely on the connected phone. If the OS or Carplay and Androidauto versions on the phone are updated, we will also see the new interface on the car’s display and can use any new functions.

Functions, features:

  • Wireless and wired Carplay support on full screen, native resolution.
  • Wireless (only after OS 11) and wired Androidauto support on full screen, native resolution.
  • Wireless Airplay function, on wifi hotspot
  • Wired Android mirroring function
  • HDMI connector for connecting external devices (e.g. Xiaomi or FireTV stick)
  • USB connector, for media playback from an external drive and firmware update, for powering the TV stick
  • Front-rear camera input and control for aftermarket cameras
  • It can be easily installed under the rear seat in all i3 models regardless of year and display size
  • Plug and play, individually configured for the car, no subsequent settings are required
  • There is no loss of factory functions, it switches on automatically with the factory rear view camera and the car can still be updated and diagnosed with the dealer’s tools.

Shipping: Worldwide shipping with Fedex and UPS

Price: 430 USD including shipping

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Firmware updates

Installation video (not working with other brands):
Operating with Carplay
Operating with Androidauto