What is this product?

This module is specially designed for cars with the Driving Assistant function (5AT) but not the Traffic Jam assistant (5AR). Typically in the US market, all cars lack this feature, even though the car would be capable of it. If you have speed limit info on your instrument cluster, there is also a camera in the windshield, which is definitely necessary for this.

The 5AR traffic jam assistant system keeps the car in the lane, the car stops and starts by itself and keeps the distance from the car in front. The system uses the camera in the windshield, so there are conditions for its operation.

– there must be a painted line on the side of the road

– a car must be in front of you

– cannot be used in heavy rain

– if the sun sets in front of us, it cannot be used

Why choose our product?

  • free OBD-ENET adapter for activation
  • automotive grade quality parts, the assembly is qualitatively durable.
  • extremely thin design, can be easily placed in any steering wheel
  • no DIP switches, no need to configure
  • extra fast delivery anywhere in the world
  • We will help you throughout the installation, you don’t have to be afraid that it won’t work. If you have any problems, you can reach us via live chat.

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Here are some videos that we used about how the Traffic Jam Assistant system works: